ARM is a 32-bit reduced instruction set computer instruction set architecture developed by ARM Holdings. The simplicity of ARM processors makes them suitable for low power applications. As a result, they have become dominant in the mobile and embedded electronics market, as relatively low-cost, small microprocessors and microcontrollers.


ARM Microcontroller is discussing the major components that constitute an embedded system, Implement programs to solve well-defined problems on an embedded platform and Develop familiarity with tools used to develop in an embedded environment.


This training is focusing for professionals Like B.E./B.Tech./ B.Sc., and Diploma.


40 Hours.
  • Introduction to Embedded System
  • Pin diagram
  • Architecture
  • Embedded c Program
  • Compiler
  • Simulator
  • Programmer
  • Handling Development board
  • Interfacing components
  • LED interfacing
  • LCD interfacing
  • Keypad interfacing
  • Motor Interfacing
  • Sensors Interfacing
  • Serial communication

Benefits of getting training with LCT

  • Learning from certified instructors
  • Program will be carried on both student and industrial basis
  • Direct certification from ARM.

Course Outcome

  • Trainee will have ability to work with Embedded Program.
  • Trainee will have ability to Error free Solution.
  • Trainee will have ability to handle External interfacing components.
  • Trainee will have ability to understand the Embedded Product.
  • Trainee will have ability to do their Real time projects.